Recharge your energy even while you are sleeping and feel better…


Vänern series reflects the dream world of Rik Claerhout,the Belgian designer who directs us with his drawings to carry the energy of Swedish nature to your mattress.

Vänern absorbs the thermal energy spread by the human body due to its superior and advanced technology transforming it into positive energy; it serves as a detox and gives you the energy you need. Furthermore Vänern provides extra support for 5 sensitive zones of your body thanks to the ProZone® spring system. With 5 Zone ProZone® the blood circulation improves and no pressure more than necessary is applied on joints and muscles.


Visco which is compatible with different body structures and allows your mattress to adapt to your body shape faster.

Zone Spring System ProZone® has 5 different hardness degrees and when different pressures are applied by the body at various points, it responds according to each pressure point. Thus blood circulation accelerates and no pressure more than necessary is applied on joints and muscles. Turning movements during sleeping decreases as a result of healthy blood circulation, REM (deep) sleep phase is extended.

ProZone® ProZone® spring system which was produced specially for Hälsa and is one of the best examples of Leggett&Platt technology by providing extra supports for 5 sensitive zones of your body while it protects natural curve of your spine. It allows natural sleeping movements with the support and comfort whilst providing relaxation to muscles and offers you a healthier sleep.