Simplicity of Scandinavian life style…

Hälsa Umeå reflects simplicity of Scandinavian lifestyle. ProMira® has twice as many springs as other mattresses, offering strength and comfort. It crafts an elegant and natural appearance with a knitted fabric finish and is complemented with its advanced technology spring system.


ProMira® Spring System ProMira® is developed from Miracoil spring technology between collaboration of Hälsa and Leggett&Platt. ProMira® which is the best developed version of continuous spring systems provides deep and silent sleep, whatever your body shape or type is. ProMira® provides American style springines and it is different from other spring systems thanks to its durable structure. Compared to other mattresses with springs, ProMira® has twice the number of springs and it expands personal space during sleep. Also, as it is not deformed with time, it is the perfect preference for a more durable, comfortable and long lasting mattress.