A natural sleep for an uninterrupted sleep…

Hälsa Storsjön mattress with woven fabric, has natural wool on one side and natural cotton on the other side. Hälsa Storsjön is designed with the aim of sleep quality at the highest level for every season. It offers summer and winter usage by being double sided. It provides a natural sleep environment to make it easier to fall  asleep.


With soft, durable and long fibre cotton, Hälsa Storsjön prevents sweating by being a highly absorbent, naturally breathing and hygienic mattress. The moisture is removed for a more comfortable and spacious night. It generates dryness which gives comfort and allows the movement of air to your body. This mattress uses natural wool material on the other side of the mattress, which retains heat to constitute a good and pleasant climate in your mattress.

ProFlex® Spring System ProFlex® which is produced in Sweden is a long lasting spring technology. It stands out as a superior product by keeping the spine in the correct position during sleep.

ProFlex® is manufactured from sturdy Swedish steel which is famed for centuries-old technical knowledge coupled with the quality and purity of iron ore in Sweden. ProFlex® offers quality and durability at high level. Swedish steel, which is used in Hälsa mattresses, continues the tradition of strength and durability of Sweden.