A sleep which makes you experience the coolness of lakes and the freshness of the wind…


While you are sleeping at night you can find yourself lulled by the sound of waves lapping at the edge of a lake or sea and relax with the breeze from the water. Stockholm mattresses provide a natural heat balance to make your experience a cool and uninterrupted sleep with their natural fabric.

Stockholm offers state of the art technology with ProCoil® spring system having the highest number of springs among spring mattresses while it reflects natural and minimalist tradition of Scandinavian style.

ProCoil® ProCoil® is the latest model of the uninterrupted and continuous spring systems from Leggett&Platt, has the highest number of springs among spring mattresses. Due to this unique characteristic, it provides a high level of silent and uninterrupted sleeping comfort. The spring frame goes through a special heat process to protect it against deformation and increase its comfort while extending the life of the mattress.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology  It minimizes the problem of spouses’ being affected and disturbed by averse turning movements of each other. Thus it offers everybody an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep during the night.