Discover the purest form of quality sleep…

Classic pleasures and the newest technology meet in Hälsa Småland. Hälsa Småland is produced with natural materials which are breathable to enhance your sleep pleasure.


Småland with 100% natural cotton and woven fabric, has camel wool on one side and natural silk on the other side. The mattress wraps you with comfortable and soft sleep.

Camel wool  adapts to the desert conditions easily which means a high heat difference between night and day. As camel wool is known for its heat balance feature, Hälsa Småland balances the heat during sleep due to camel wool; in winter it wraps you warmly and in summer it keeps you cool.

Silk, Another feature which increases your comfort is the silk material that has held its value for thousands of years; providing a natural comfort and a unique softness… Silk helps your mattress to adapt to your body movements fast. Also, sweating decreases to minimum level in summer due to silk’s air permeability feature. Thus, REM sleep quality increases. 

ProFlex® Spring System ProFlex® which is produced in Sweden is a long lasting spring technology. It stands out as a superior product by keeping the spine in the correct position during sleep. ProFlex® is manufactured from sturdy Swedish steel which is famed for centuries old technical knowledge coupled with the quality and purity of iron ore in Sweden. ProFlex® offers quality and durability at high level. Swedish steel, which is used in Hälsa mattresses, continues the tradition of strength and durability of Sweden.