You will find yourself in the middle of nature…

The most luxurious form of handwork is shown in this mattress. Norrbottens mattresses are the embodiment of traditional Swedish mattress production with the skills of masters which are designed for you to experience the highest level of comfort.


Hälsa Norrbottens offers a luxurious sleep pleasure for kings particularly with Belgium Flax fabric technology. Furthermore this mattress provides an extraordinary feeling of comfort with its Leggett&Platt ProPocket® spring system, a state of art technology.

Belgium Flax is a natural fabric produced from fibers of the flax plant. This material has become traditional in Swedish mattresses due to its natural and quick drying features, giving a feeling of freshness. This fabric which reflects purity of nature comes to the forefront as the preference of those who love naturalness and purity. It is famous for its moisture absorbing character. Furthermore it keeps you cool.

ProPocket® is created by placing Leggett&Platt ProPocket® springs which are the latest developed version of LDP spring systems inside pockets which are able to act independently from one another. The springs which are packaged separately and can operate independently give customized reactions, adapt perfectly to different body types and provide spine support.

Handwork,We blend the handwork of the past with the technologies of the future in Hälsa mattresses… Each of our mattresses use innovative technologies and are shaped with the hand skills of masters.