Gift from nature to you; enjoy the pleasure of natural sleep…

Rare, natural and valuable materials came together with the latest technology and handwork to lift your sleep to the highest level. Then came a mattress to carry the miracles of nature to your bedroom: Hälsa Lappland.


This special mattress converts sleep to a unique experience, carrying you to a fascinating and comfortable sleep world every night. Hälsa Lappland contains 100% natural horsetail hair, organic cotton and organic wool.

Horsetail hair is provided specially for you from Austria famous for having the best quality horsetail hair of Europe gives you a calm and dry sleep by providing air circulation in your mattress.

Another feature of Hälsa Lappland is to increase the spaciousness, through the latest technology natural Tencel fabric which makes your skin feel coolness during sleep.

Hälsa Lappland offers the latest natural materials developed over hundreds of years to provide a fusion of modern and traditional.

Tencel Technology  Tencel fabric is the latest fabric technology in the world. It creates a refreshing effect whilst giving coolness to your skin during sleep thanks to its unique features. Tencel, which is a breathing fabric, stays dry, absorbs and retains moisture. Tencel is a natural fabric from the core of the eucalyptus tree and does not include any chemicals whilst it prevents odor and provides unlimited comfort and hygiene.

Horsetail Hair  Horsetail hair is used in Hälsa mattresses and is specially sourced from Austria. It is known in mattress manufacturing for hundreds of years and is one of the most valuable and rarest materials. It provides air circulation, prevents moisture accumulation and thus it has natural ventilation. Horsetail hair, which is 100% natural, has a unique springiness. It supports the mattress to adapt when you move during sleep period. It maintains your comfort with an antiallergic feature due to its air permeability and it does not include any hazardous material.

Organic Cotton and Wool With the guidance of “Respect to human and environment” natural materials are at the forefront for Hälsa. GOTS (Genuine Organic Textile Standard) Certificated cotton and wool are used in Hälsa mattresses. Cotton and wool which are produced ecologically are classified as organic materials according to European Standards.

ProFlex® Spring System ProFlex® which is produced in Sweden is a long lasting spring technology. It stands out as a superior product by keeping the spine in the correct position during sleep. ProFlex® is manufactured from sturdy Swedish steel which is famed for centuries-old technical knowledge coupled with the quality and purity of iron ore in Sweden. ProFlex® offers quality and durability at a high level. Swedish steel, which is used in Hälsa mattresses, continues the tradition of strength and durability of Sweden.